Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week two at the MTC was another good week. This week we trained on the church office computers. The first couple of days we went over Microsoft word, outlook, and excel. The last couple of days we were trained on imos the church’s office program. It was really interesting how that works. The work that the church has put into the missionary program is so unbelievable .There is no other organization in the world that is as organized as the church.  To all missionary parents, if you think for one minute that our children are not taken care of or if they don’t have their best interest in mind we are here to tell you that the church is so in control and they are led and directed in everything that goes on in the mission field. It has been so educating to us to have had this opportunity to see behind the scenes of how the missions work. What a testimony again of the truthfulness of this work.
The training that we have received here has truly been a great experience and a tremendous blessing, one that we will never forget. The days sometimes were long but we have really learned a lot. On Tuesday night we were able to attend another fireside where a member of the first quorum of the seventies came and spoke to us. It is always a treat to have a general authority come and talk to you.
 We enjoy seeing all the missionaries in one room at the same time it is so awesome to see.

 We finished up our training on Thursday afternoon and then we headed back to our hotel and started packing up .Shortly after we got back Ron and Michelle came to our hotel and we had a very nice visit with them. It was so good to see them and we are so grateful that they would take time out of thier busy day to come. We love them all so much. Thursday evening Mom, Shellie, Renae and Shannon surprised us to by coming down  and seeing us also at our hotel, taking us to dinner and visiting us. We were so excited and happy to see them. They helped us take our luggage to the airport and gave us a farewell goodbye. Thanks to them for taking time out of their schedule and coming. We love our family more than words can express .We are so blessed to have the great support from them and to have their prayers and kind words of encouragement.   Friday we got up early in the morning to be to the airport at 7:00am. We caught our first flight at 9:30am going to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Johannesburg South Africa and then on to another flight to Durban South Africa. We arrived in Durban at 10:00 pm Saturday night. A very long two day flight!  It feels good to finally be here in South Africa and to be able to serve here among some of the most amazing people in the world. We have truly been BLESSED! We love this work!!!!

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  1. I am so glad I get to keep track of you guys on here! Love you guys tons! Hope all is well. I am glad you guys have this blog to keep me up to date on your mission scandals. Heart!